• Cardboard bags

Cardboard bags

Solid cardboard bags can be produced as pockets, as block-bottom gussets or as v-bottom gussets.
They are used for the dispatch of goods, in particular for printed products, textiles and all kinds of dispatch goods.
The adhesive is a wide pressure-sensitive adhesive with a protruding cover strip for easy closing.
On request, a second cover strip can also be fitted for return shipments.
For easy opening, the bags are provided with a tear-off strip and a tear-off perforation.

Production options

The production of solid cardboard bags is possible as a mail-order bag, as block-bottom gussets or as v-bottom gussets.
All gusseted pockets can be manufactured with 2 hotmelt adhesive bondings, tear-off strips and tear-off perforation.

format length format width expansion size
180 to 500 mm 125 to 450 mm 30 to 80 mm
rubber coating print material
1 or 2 hotmelt with seal strip flexo print up to 3 colours
  • solid board in grey or white
  • 300 to 450 gsm

Additional service: Not all production options are combinable, please inquire directly with us.